Advantages of a hooded storm jacket

A hooded storm jacket is a great investment, one that every outdoor person should make. First, these jackets are versatile, so you can use them for other purposes other than hiking and exploring the outdoors. It comes handy in almost any weather. Second, it is waterproof. A hooded storm jacket has durable water repellent (DWR) coating which prevents waters from getting absorbed into the fabric. This helps to keep you warm and dry all day long. A third is that these jackets are breathable. It is made of materials that prevent water from penetrating but allows body heat out. This feature keeps you comfy in the outdoors. Some jackets have extra ventilation features like pit zips.

The fourth benefit is its stow-ability. These jackets are lightweight and easy to stow when not in use. It is designed to take ruffling and abrasions and remain intact. You won’t have to worry about it even if it is not handled delicately.

The final advantage of a hooded storm jacket is its trendiness. It bestows an aura of adventure on the wearer, in a way that is appealing. So, you get to look good and fashionable even outdoor and while on an adventure.