Fishing reels – Common DIY mistakes and cleaning tips

Many times when we decide to take care of our fishing reels ourselves, we get overwhelmed. Sometimes, we are unsure why it no longer works as well as it used to after maintenance or repair. Mistakes made during maintenance may just be the problem. The first and most common mistake is to use the wrong tools or ill-fitting tools for a fishing reel. Another is losing springs and small parts during maintenance because you failed to store them properly.

Using too much force may break a part during maintenance and the fishing reel will not be the same again. As a result, when cleaning fishing reels, you must understand it is a delicate equipment and treat it as such. These simple guidelines will help.

When trying to access internal parts, take the reel apart sequentially and methodically store the parts. Use the right tools for the right task and in the right way. Be careful when pulling parts. Do not use brute force to avoid breaking any part. Remember that only the right cleaner or lubricant will get the job done properly. Stick to the manufacturer’s guideline on what cleaner or lubricant to use and save yourself so much trouble.