Maintaining a speed spinning combo

As you use your speed spinning combo, it is important that you pay attention to how well it performs. It is only by paying such attention that you will know when it needs maintenance. When your speed spinning combo begins to feel like it is slowly filling with sand, then it needs maintenance. There are so many low performance indicators that you must look out for too. It’s very important to know when to give up on a speed spinning combo and when to do maintenance.

Here is a simple maintenance routine that can save you a lot of trouble. Begin by taking off the spool, then clean the shaft and oil it. Use lubricants that are specifically for it, not household oil because household oil will thicken and harden faster. While removing the parts, remember to store the parts properly to avoid searching for them when you are done.

Similarly, some other parts may require cleaning first before oiling. To do this, use a degreaser, rubbing alcohol, kerosene or any other lighter liquid that removes sludgy oil and grease. Where necessary, use a toothbrush to scrub off the grease. Once degreased, allow the parts to dry properly before oiling.