Team Daiwa bass rods – The Best Rods for Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is interesting either for sport or fun as most professional fishermen prefer to catch and release bass fishes for conservation. However, if you are looking to compete in a bass fishing then, I suggest you go for team daiwa bass rods to give you an edge.

These fishing rods have established a reputation and are solid, dependable and their spectacular appearance makes them a must-have for this season. Team daiwa products have been around since the 80’s and that’s a good reason to trust these rods. Team daiwa bass rods are designed in style. It is built for solid actions thus, its constructed a with IM-7 graphite and a blank-through-handle. Also, it is designed with a micro-pitch blank taping (an ultra-accurate taping process) which gives it a denser blank and an even distribution of resin inside the graphite.

Furthermore, the finishing is un-sanded and combines extreme stability and strength with an increased sensitivity and lighter weight. Team daiwa bass rods are designed with Fuji aluminum oxide guide – high-quality guides. Also, they feature a Fuji skeleton pipe seat – split grip design – with non-slip and a high-density EVA foam. Combine all these features and you get a very light, sensitive yet, tough fishing rods.