Types of fishing rod and reel combos

As the essential tool in every fishing expedition, it is necessary to have the right fishing rod and reel combos. Every fishing rod and reel combos are designed for different tasks, locations, and species of fish. Casting rods are rods that allow you to accurately place your bait or lure anywhere you want.

Spinning rods are the basic rods for amateur fishermen anywhere in the world. It is similar to casting rods but differs slightly in size and weight. The reels hang beneath rather than on top, as in casting rods. Fly rods are thin, lightweight, small and very flexible. They are especially for fly fishing and are distinct because of the absence of a butt-section below the reel.

Ice rods do not use a reel and is similar to spinning rods. It is shorter though, this makes it easy to use it in the limited space available during ice fishing. Sea rods are designed for fishing in the ocean and are heavy duty. Trolling rods have fast action and are relatively long, and heavily built. Pen rods are the world’s smallest rods, they can fit in a pocket or backpack. Telescopic rods resemble spinning rods but are more compact.