Types of Waders for men

Fishing and wetland hunting is most convenient with a pair of Waders. Because Waders are waterproof boots, they are indispensable during wet outdoor activities. There are however three types of Waders for men.

The type of Waders for men you choose, is basically dependent on the water depth you will wade into. Thus, the three types of Waders for men are – Hip Waders, Waist-high Waders and Chest Waders.

Hip Waders are designed for knee-level water depth. These Waders are light-weight (the lightest of all); easy to put on and take off; very comfortable in hot weather and very ideal for small streams and shallows. The Waist-high Waders falls between the chest and hip, thus it is suitable for water no deeper than mid-thigh. They are designed liked baggy pants. These Waders leaves the upper part of the body exposed, allowing for breathability in warm weather. Chest waders are the most versatile option. It gives wider coverage as you wade into most water levels. It is ideal for wading in rivers with strong currents or deep pools. Plus, it provides maximum protection from wind and rain during a downpour. Whatever type you pick, remember to secure the belt and stay safe.